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「写真の中の君は何を見ている」の印象 / Thoughts on "What are you looking at from inside the photograph"

Updated: Jul 7, 2020


近所の本屋でこのにふと目が止まった。写真撮影に関して、その写真家、松尾 修さんは色々な話題について綴っていた。上の言葉は、なぜピースサインをするかに関しての文章から引用した。ピースサインはカメラと相手の間のテンションをほぐすためだそうだ。

"Getting your picture taken is an embarrassing experience. It feels like the photographerーwho at least shows some level of interest in youーwants something from you."

I came across this book at a local shop. The photographer, Matsuo Osamu, writes about several of his thoughts regarding photography. This quote was in the section about why we make the peace sign when getting our picture taken. He says that it is used to decrease the tension between the subject and the cameraman. 



翻訳編集: 杉浦愛

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