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CHTHONIC’s first 2020 live and the current state of concerts

Last week, Taiwanese metal band CHTHONIC was able to hold their first live concert of 2020, albeit with strict rules such as no moshing, required masks, and social distancing. That is amazing. 

In the beginning, most of us were desperately praying that this pandemic would only last a few months and everything would be back to normal soon. My last live concert (not through streaming) was in early February. At the end of the government recommended “lockdown” here in Tokyo, we were optimistic as cases had steadily decreased and the government was suggesting appropriate measures that should be taken as concert venues begin to reopen. 

The situation has unfortunately taken a turn for the worse as more and more cases of corona have been documented, with no end in sight. Taiwan’s measures to prevent such a spread of the virus was, in summary, effective; at least to the extent that CHTHONIC can hold such a large event.  

Obviously, cooperation from fans, staff, and the musicians was what made this possible. In Japan, I could see that happening, but not until the current situation of the virus becomes similar to that of Taiwan, Vietnam, or, ideally, New Zealand. 

I am pretty jealous, but glad to see that it is possible for an event like this to take place even during a pandemic. 

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