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Crystal Lake The Voyages + Release Albums / 再録ベスト + 復刻版 レビュー

The Voyages  Rerecordings / 再録ベスト

1. Fabricated Refuge  (from 1st Album『Dimension』/2006年) 2. Twisted Fate (from 2nd Album『Into the Great Beyond』/2010年) 3. Open Water feat .Daniel McWhorter (Gideon) / Takashi Uesugi (Endzweck)  (from 2nd Album『Into the Great Beyond』/2010年) 4. The Passage feat. Kentaro “Veron” Nishimura (from 1st Album『Dimension』/2006年) 5. The Burden (from 1st Album『Dimension』/2006年) 6. Freewill (from 1st Demo『Freewill』/2003年) 7. Innocence (from 1st Album『Dimension』/2006年) 8. Daylight feat. Go Nakaharada (Break Your Fist) (from 2nd Album『Into the Great Beyond』/2010年) 9. Voyages (instrumental) 10. Into The Great Beyond (from 2nd Album『Into the Great Beyond』/2010年)

The Voyages Review / 再録ベストレビュー

"The Voyages" is a great re-recordings album! Ryo was allowed to really express his aggressive side, and the result was perfect! I really enjoy the melodic side of modern Crystal Lake, and I think it is especially important for interacting with bands in the broader scene, but if they released a new album with material like this, I'd be all over it! 

The album listens well, almost as if it was an organic album with all original material. I am not sure how the song selection was conducted, but I think they chose songs that they thought they could add something to with the current state of the band. "The Passage" is a special treat as it features vocals by both Ryo and Kentaro. "Freewill", though, is my absolute favorite! It is so brutally heavy, definitely entering deathcore territory!

The band has certainly evolved over the years, but hearing them go back to their roots has been a great trip! 

Free Will Reprint / 復刻版

1. The Light  (instrumental)  2. Not Our War 3. Unbeliever 4. Freewill

Dimension Reprint / 復刻版

1. Fabricated Refuge 2. The Passage 3. Fifth Dimension (instrumental)  4. Innocence 5. Forsaken Desire 6. Voyage (46 Hundred Million Years Fate...) (instrumental) 7. Before It Fades 8. The Burden

Into the Great Beyond Reprint / 復刻版

1. Intro: River of Truth (instrumental) 2. Twisted Fate 3. Open Water 4. Endeavor 5. See This Through 6. Scheme (instrumental)  7. Burning Our Lives 8. Daylight 9. Road of Torment" 10. Congestion Control (instrumental)  11. Into the Great Beyond

Reprint Albums Review / 復刻版されたアルバムレビュー

Through this boxset, I've discovered a whole new side of Crystal Lake I knew existed, but had never experienced. Hearing how the band slowly improved their sound with each release, especially in terms of production, I feel even more respect for them. They have certainly come a long way and have worked very, very hard.   Kentaro's vocals are so cool! This era of Crystal Lake is far more hardcore oriented, with less of the melodic or nu metal approaches the band has taken with Ryo. Kentaro's shouts are fairly straight forward with less variation, but at times, they seem to take on an almost black metal vibe, something Ryo also seems to have taken up, although I can't say whether he was inspired by the former vocalist or not. 

Of the three releases including Kentaro, "Into the Great Beyond" is probably my favorite. As a band, it seems like they had really found their sweet spot. I am uncertain as to what happened or why Kentaro left, but the current state of Crystal Lake owes a lot to the legacy of their early days.  #crystallake #thevoyages #freewill #dimension #intothegreatbeyond #reprint #campfire #crowdfunding #再録ベスト #復刻版  


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