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Thoughts on "Dom kallar oss mods" / 「俺たちはモッズと呼ばれる」の印象


2018/12/08 repost

Today I watched a movie with my girlfriend Ai about two Swedish mods in the 1960s. These boys thrived on the edge of society, living day to day on their own terms, enjoying their youth to the fullest. Every morning, they ate meager breakfasts, searched the cabinets for any alcohol they had left, and then did their hair. The time and effort they put into their appearance is actually admirable. No matter how lazy or inept to do real work they were, they always made sure to be stylish and clean.

But, seeing such a lifestyle is also a little sad. Their stimulations grew from a need to be the centers of attention and as such, found joy in harassing others who were working, causing minor trouble, and partaking in the sales of narcotics. It seems that they were interested in music and played together as a unit, but their real passion consisted mainly of boozing and smoking.

Watching this movie, I felt that I have seen this before. What is it in society that brings out this behavior? I also understand the urge these boys felt to differentiate from the mindless numbness of the mainstream, but by gorging oneself with selfish pleasures, isn't it the same thing? There is no clarity, no direction. Just a mindless obedience to your own particular high. This "high" could very well be what encourages all those who live in never ending cycles, brainwashed by their own greed to be "better". We need to wake up.


2018年12月9日 再投稿



この映画を見て、なんだか前にも見覚えがあるような感覚に陥りました。このような振る舞いを許容してしまう社会には、一体何があるというのでしょうか。社会において主流にある、心もとない無関心との離別を図ろうとする彼らの衝動は理解できますが、自己満足的な悦びで自身を満たすことと、同じではないのでしょうか? 明瞭な思考も、方角もありません。あるのは、彼らの特別な「高み」へ、心を伴わずただ従順に従うだけです。この「高み」は、「良くなりたい」という彼らの欲によって洗い流され、終わらないサイクルに生きる人々の活力剤のようなものになり得ます。目を覚まさなければならないのです。


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